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Impact of Covid-19 on the best CBSE school Noida

Amid all this chaos, RK Modern School – one of the best CBSE affiliated schools in Noida adopted the ‘new normal’ as fast as possible.

2020, a year full of uncertainties, mishappenings, lockdown, and what not, all thanks to COVID-19 pandemic raging across the world. The world had come to a standstill due to the pandemic. Our lives split over in a demi-second on the 24th of March 2020 with the new set of instructions by the respected Prime-Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi for the safety of the nation. The nation was baffled and no one was prepared for it. Schools were immediately shut, students were stranded at home with no contact with friends and no physical activity. Everyone was living with a constant fear of what might happen next!

At this time of need, RK Modern School – top ranking school in Noida started with online mode of teaching to rescue the studies of the children.

Parents, teachers and students, around the world were feeling the ripple effect of the overwhelming situation, as schools were shut down amid public health emergency. COVID-19 has created a chaotic atmosphere and brought a shift on how we learn at schools. All these activities had completely halted the studies of children.

RK Modern School one of the best CBSE affiliated schools in Noida adapted the new measures within no time so that students keep on going with their studies. Our digital classes surpassed the time and space constraints. Students availed the teaching and learning activities amidst the isolation crisis.

Online Class in R K Modern School

RK Modern School gave its best to support their students. The school took all the necessary actions possible.

Facilities in RK Modern School at the time of COVID-19

  • School conducted proper online classes from nursery to class XIIth of each and every subject.
  • School conducted timely the online examinations, so that students get motivated to learn even at home
  • Equal importance is given to extracurricular activities even at the time of pandemic. To keep up the morale of the students, we conducted painting competition, music activities, festival celebration, yoga class, etc. virtually. This let the students remain keen to attend the online classes.
  • Interesting workshops and webinars were conducted by the educators to educate the students about coronavirus and its severe effects. Spreading awareness on how social distancing, wearing mask and washing hands can prevent it.
  • School teachers were in constant touch with the parents regarding the studies of their kids. Timely parent teacher meeting were conducted virtually. There was no delay in checking of work of students and a proper record was maintained.
  • Keeping in mind that how lockdown had affected the earning resources of parents, school gave a fee concession so that there will be no stress on parents regarding the education of their child.
  • School was proper sanitized and safety measures were taken before calling students to school.
  • Students from 9th standard onwards were held in-person, with all safety measures taken in account, i.e. effective social distancing, proper sanitisation of all the things and wearing mask all the time to submit their academic assessments.

RK Modern School is the best senior secondary school in Noida, and it remained true to its position. Online learning is something new, for both, teachers and students. But the teachers as well as students of RK Modern School cooperated in the best possible way to make this remote learning a reality and that too in the least possible time.

As the undefined long lasting lockdown impairs children’s education, school has to play pivotal role in maintaining connect with the students to help them cope up with uncertainty and difficulties regarding studies in this difficult time.
Shifting from classroom studies to online studies was a huge task. It is something that will never replace physical classroom atmosphere, but we are all in this situation together, so we have to find the solutions to deal with this temporary situation in a better way and not lose our hope and passion for the better future of our students.