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(Affiliated to CBSE)

The foundation of RK Modern School was laid in 1992. R.K. Modern Senior Secondary School is one of the top 10 CBSE schools in Noida. The roots of this reputed school tell an escalating story of 29 great years of experience and grandeur.

As they say, school life is among one of the best phases of life. It gives us so much to reminisce and makes us a better person throughout our lives. Shaping up someone’s personality is not an easy task but a school is one such place where we can let ourselves become a better version of ourselves with the help of our teachers, who are also the role model in today’s society.

About the school

With this vision, the foundation of R.K Modern Senior Secondary School was laid in 1992. It is among one of the top 10 schools in Noida. The roots of R.K Modern School tell an escalating story of 29 great years of experience and grandeur.

Since, the very beginning, the school has experienced majestic growth which is reflected in its accomplishments and achievements. Our main mission is the 360 degree development of a child by providing academic excellence, moral values and a friendly environment. Our learning policies are stressed on making a student confident, self-reliant and a responsible global citizen.

R.K Modern Senior Secondary school is a co-educational CBSE affiliated schools in Noida. We have education facilities for the children from Nursery to Class XIth.

School Amenities

The school being one of the best CBSE schools in Noida has state-of-the-art infrastructure which is an amalgamation of Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab, and Biology Lab which will improve the practical knowledge of children along the theoretical knowledge. Our library not only accommodates a number of books in the organised shelves with a well informed staff of teachers, but also a repository of knowledge with the access to immense variety of books related to modern fiction, classics, biographies, etc. on one side and magazines and reference books on the other. It also has an open air theatre, multipurpose lawn and a spacious playground.

Talking about the various amenities in our school, we promote physical fitness which is as equally important as mental fitness for a child. So, in order to keep that in check, we have the facility of aerobic classes, yoga classes and karate classes as well which improves the health of the student. Along this, we also prepare the student for the world which has digitised even purchasing the groceries in today’s era.

Therefore, we have given an ample importance to teaching our students technology such as computers, specialized software audience response, networking, audio/visual capabilities by having well equipped smart classes. 

Our activity room nurtures music, art, and craft skills to help students achieve their dreams. Our cafeteria is hygienic and maintains the quality of food for students. We celebrate religious and national festivals to promote cultural importance and secularism among students. Celebrating festivals helps to instill the importance of traditions in children. Our school is dedicated to providing a well-rounded education for all students.

Comprehensive Education

Montessori students benefit from our friendly and engaging approach to teaching. Our mission is to develop students’ full potential from a young age. We introduce Sanskrit as a third language for secondary students up to class VII. Sanskrit helps students learn one of India’s most important languages. This approach prepares students for a more comprehensive understanding of Indian culture and language.

Our team of staff and educators work tirelessly to prepare the students of class X, so that they have enough knowledge to choose an efficient path for themselves. This benefits them in the future. Our motto is to prepare the students for the practicalities of this world. We believe in spreading knowledge and genuine learning techniques. This leads to an overall development of the personality of the student.

Currently our admissions are open for classes, nursery to class XI. You can also apply for admission online by filling in the admission form and ensuring that you fill in all mandatory fields, including the student’s photograph.