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We all go through the student phase, some continue learning throughout life while some stop as soon as they get their diplomas and degrees. But for parents, an ever-learning and evolving approach is mandatory to raise assertive kids who are sure of themselves and know what choices to make and how to tackle difficult circumstances. Of course, kids going to senior secondary school (in Noida) develop a lot of life skills through their learning experience but parents have a huge role to play in helping them tread difficult situations during school and later in life.

However, often parents end up making some mistakes that don’t really seem like a mistake at first but leave a deeper impact on the kids, impeding their personal evolution. Let’s take a look at what these common mistakes are and how we all can do better:

Getting influenced by the school-brand

It’s only natural to want to give your kid the best of everything. A number of people are influenced by big na56mes but parents shouldn’t forget that a particular school that is famous or costly may not be a good fit for their kid. Parents need to devise a holistic approach for shortlisting and choosing the right senior secondary school in Noida for their kid.

The first factor for Noida parents is, without a doubt, location. Look for a school that’s in Noida and offers connectivity to your location via their buses or cabs. RK Modern School, Noida is among the top rated schools that have proven that they aren’t just a big brand but also deliver on the promises they make. From faculty to facilities, they have a streamlined system for everything and they ensure that kids get the best of everything.

Being only academically inclined

It’s only natural for a parent to look for a school with a glorious academic record. But all kids aren’t the same; different kids have different interests and varied learning needs. To help them build confidence and make better choices for a bright future, parents need to understand what their kids are inclined towards. Are they more into literature or inclined towards sports or more into drama and theater or deeply influenced by science and technology?

Find out subjects your kid fancies the most, communicate with them about their choice of activities that they love doing in school and help them figure out prospects that are best suited to them based on their interests. Full marks look great on curriculum vitae and kids who score high always nab seats in the best colleges but what use is the schooling that doesn’t satiate and help your kid’s develop their intrinsic and individual interests?

Micromanaging your kid’s time and study schedule

A big factor that led us to compile this blog to educate parents and help them understand the value of encouraging independence among teenagers.

Hand-holding your kid throughout their senior secondary school in Noida, devising a routine and schedule for them, spoon-feeding them notes and micromanaging their time are the things that will impede their individual growth as they will become highly dependent on you. Adolescence and late teenage years are important years for kids to develop self-reliance.

Be there for your kids to guide them when they spend too much time doing wasteful activities like bottomless social media scrolling but let them take their own decisions and set their own routine.

Not leaving your kid alone for even a minute

Are you aware of the term helicopter parent? The last thing you want to be is a helicopter in your kid’s life that follows them closely everywhere. Don’t hover around your kid excessively. Being adolescents, they need to develop self-reliance and independent thinking. Help them develop these skills so they don’t feel excessively restricted with your parenting or overly taken care of thus unable to lead lives as determined individuals.

Learning social, thinking and emotional skills for kids in senior secondary schools (in Noida and everywhere else) is crucial to becoming healthy, evolved adults who understand how to make appropriate and practical decisions in life. Help them develop these skills through open discussions, activities and encourage your kid to grow into progressive individuals who think critically and analytically.

Living your dreams through your kid

The worst mistake you can make with your kids is trying to live your dreams through them. Don’t try to turn them into a mini version of you or pressurize them into fulfilling your dreams. They shouldn’t feel pushed to create a life for themselves that you wanted for you but couldn’t get.

Kids in senior secondary school (in Noida and everywhere else) are on the verge of becoming adults; the choices they make during these two years lay the foundation of their higher studies and career. So, try to inculcate decision-making and independence in your kid instead of influencing them into always trying to live up to your aspirations and dreams.